Adding multiple images to a post

Jason Rana
Submitted on 2017-01-14 19:46:32

Adding images to a post is now easy. A user simply clicks the "Image" button above the text area, and an image Jasotag appears in the text wherever the cursor is. The user then places a link to the image he or she wants to add to the post between the tags. The image will be floated over to the left side of the text in a size that is easily used by the website to keep from being too large. This will allow future changes to the website to not interfere with the existing blog posts.

For example, if a person was preparing a blog post about Solomon's temple, that person could add an image anywhere in the text. Since the image will be floated, it should appear on the left side of the text where it is included.In this case, I have added an image in the middle of this paragraph to check on where it would fall.

As long as the site hosts the image, it will appear in the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes sites will stop hosting images for some reason. To get around those cases, we need to copy over the image that will be used. The next improvement that I am working on is copying the image, saving a new link for the website, and adding that into the post.